From fast-food restaurants to football, check out which of your favorite brands are on "Animal Crossing."

As you cruise down Hollywood Blvd., you’ll notice that the once lively center of entertainment is devoid of life. Billboards up and down the boulevard feature movies that were released over three months ago, and ads seem to have been untouched for years.

This is because the coronavirus has taken a huge toll on not only the entertainment industry, but the marketing industry as well. With fewer people outside to read billboards or to pick up ads and papers, companies all over the United States are losing an advertising space that they’ve been using for years.

Therefore, brands are having to become innovative. As they ask themselves where people are spending all their free time, some of them have come up with the same answer: Animal Crossing

Since the start of the pandemic, Animal Crossing has climbed to the top of the charts to become one of the most popular video games. However, brands are now seeing it as an interesting venue to market their goods and services. Unlike social media and television, Animal Crossing is currently uncluttered, making it the prefect place for consumers to view promotions and advertisements.

From sports teams and museums to restaurants and clothing stores, check out these six brands that are using Animal Crossing to promote their products.

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