Celebrity body parts are covered assets.

From guitarist’s hands and singer’s voices to movie star smiles, athlete’s legs, and model’s derrieres, celebrity body parts can be worth millions both figuratively and literally. There’s a full body of parts a person might want to insure, but legs seem to be a top contender for insurance policies. And who could blame them? Legs are immortalized in songs from AC/DC, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Van Halen, and ZZ Top.

What exactly does it mean when someone has a body part insured? It’s meant to supplement income if that body part is injured, damaged, scarred, or otherwise unable to perform. For example, if a model breaks his or her leg and is unable to strut down the runway, that would result in lost income (the same if a soccer player suffered leg or foot injuries).

Heidi Klum

Courtesy: Heidi Klum Facebook

Probably the most well-known of the leg insurers is a German model and television host, Heidi Klum. She insured her legs for $2 million (each) in 2004. Klum’s career began career in 1992 and has taken her from the runway and the pages of Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret to the host stage and judge’s panel on Project Runway, America’s Got Talent, and Making the Cut.

Taylor Swift

Courtesy: Taylor Swift Facebook

Pop singer Taylor Swift–known for wearing mini dresses, mini shorts, and other leg-bearing apparel–insured her showstopping legs for $40 million ($20 million per leg) before beginning her 1984 Tour in 2015.

Tina Turner

Courtesy: Tina Turner Facebook

Nearly as famous for her legs as her voice and stage presence, Tina Turner’s legs are insured for $3.2 million. The What’s Love Got to do With It singer still looks awesome at 81.

David Beckham

David Beckham had his legs insured for $195 million in 2006 at the height of his career as a soccer star. He’s also modeled for Emporio Armani and H&M. In 2014, Tommy Hilfiger called Beckham the Underwear Model of the Century, even though Beckham had never modeled underwear for Hilfiger. High praise indeed! 

Mariah Carey

Courtesy: Mariah Carey Facebook

Named the first Celebrity Legs of a Goddess by Gillette Venus, Mariah Carey’s legs are insured for $1 billion. She also insured her voice for $35 million for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in 2011.

Betty Grable

Courtesy: Wikimedia

While it might seem to be a recent trend, the business of leg insuring actually got started back in the ‘40s. World War II pin-up star Betty Grable’s legs were insured for $1 million by 20th Century-Fox (mainly as a publicity stunt, but still). Her legs were named a Major Hollywood Landmark by LIFE magazine. There’s even an impression of them in cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Other Celebrity Body Parts that have been Insured

  • Daniel Craig’s body: $9.5 million
  • Jennifer Lopez’s tush: $27 million
  • Kim Kardashian’s tush: $100 million
  • Julia Roberts’s teeth/smile: $30 million
  • Keith Richards hands: $2 million
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs (soccer player): $144 million

While these celebrity legs may be drop-dead gorgeous, leg health isn’t just a trend for the jet set. You don’t have to be shaking a leg on stage, strutting down the runway, or kicking a soccer ball to have an investment in your leg health. Along with exercise and nutrition, routine check-ups are essential for maximum health of veins, muscles, and bones.

Get a leg up (pun intended) by giving American Vein & Vascular a call today. From vein screenings to cosmetics and compression therapy, they can answer all your questions about leg health. You’ll have to visit your lawyer about the insuring part.

Would you ever insure a body part? Let us know in the comments.