The first store is scheduled to open at the Marketplace at Hilltop in Virginia Beach in mid-July.

Crumbl Cookies has announced it will be opening six new stores in Virginia, starting with a Virginia Beach location in July. The west coast-based cookie chain is known for its giant fresh baked cookies that can be delivered right to your home. Crumbl is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country, expecting to add at least 50 new stores in 2021.

There are currently four stores in the DMV, four in Virginia, and one in Rockville, Maryland. Fresh (and sometimes warm) cookies can be picked up or delivered, along with milk and pints of ice cream. Crumbl offers four different cookies each week along with two classics: chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie with pink icing. You can purchase in quantities of one, four, or a dozen and your order is presented in a pink cardboard box.

These cookies aren’t small—one Crumbl cookie will fill your palm and can easily feed four people. Crumbl even sells a cute “cookie cutter” to portion them up.

The cookie shops were created by two cousins in Utah who were looking for a way to get fresh, warm cookies delivered on demand. The stores operate on a grab-and-go concept and have open kitchens so visitors can see the cookies being made. Some of the flavors baked up each day include red velvet white chip, Oreo chocolate chip, chocolate with a caramel center, and warm Kentucky butter cake. Crumbl also sells pints of ice cream that can be paired with your favorite cookie.

Crumbl Cookies stores are known to give away free cookies on opening day and each store also celebrates a “free cookie day” throughout the year. Download the app and get notified so you don’t miss out!

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