A video from years ago shows him defecating on a friend.

*Originally published on November 10, 2020:

If you have a toddler at home, then the name "Blippi" is an all-too-common word in your household. This popular children's entertainer has climbed the ranks as one of the most viewed content creators online. But as of late, this popular YouTuber has been making the rounds on the internet for something a little more controversial than what he's used to.  

The popular YouTuber, Stevin John (born Stephen J. Grossman), has millions of subscribers and billions of views on his popular children's videos. His success has been so profitable online, John is currently worth an estimated $40 million.   


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This American children's entertainer and online educator is mostly known by many as "Blippi," a fun-loving character who takes kids on adventures through different museums, parks, children's play areas, and other child-friendly locations. 

While Blippi has certainly made an impression with children all over the globe, he's come under scrutiny as of late because of his questionable past.

In a video that surfaced online, this popular children's entertainer can be seen participating in inappropriate behaviors, which include defecating on a friend. Once the video was unearthed, it had many parents shocked and baffled. The video is among several that paint a different portrait of who Stevin John was before he won children's hearts everywhere as Blippi. 

In his earlier years, John was no stranger to dark comedy as some of his previous characters included "Turdboy" and "Underwear Man." His comedy bits routinely circled around adult humor that is most certainly not suitable for children.

While everyone has a history, some can be too difficult to look past, and many parents are struggling to look past this checkered background. 

Sandy, a mom of two and nurse in Virginia who wishes to give her first name, only shared: "This kinda changes the game for me as far as letting my kids watch his videos. It just feels weird to know that he participated in these disgusting acts and has now shifted his focus to working with children. We wouldn't let a teacher with that background work with kids. Why would a child entertainer be any different?"

While cancel culture has been a reign of terror for many entertainers the past couple of years, this Blippi scandal seems to be in a category of its own. While you certainly shouldn't judge someone based on their past, many parents like Sandy are wondering how dark of a past is too dark, especially when children are concerned. 

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, John expresses his regret for his posts and activity on social media choices during his younger years: "Yes, I did make a gross-out comedy video when I was in my early twenties, long before I started Blippi. At the time, I thought this sort of thing was funny, but really it was stupid and tasteless, and I regret having ever done it. I've grown up a lot since then, and I trust people will see me as the person I am now, not the idiot I was back then."

For some parents, the apology is sincere, and the benefits of Blippi outweigh his past history. For other parents, it's a non-negotiable and the thought of a role model for their kids behaving in such a manner is simply unacceptable.

Morally compromising behaviors like those shown in the video that surfaced of John have proven time and time again to be detrimental to entertainers. YouTube stars, including brothers Jake and Logan Paul, have seen similar downfalls in their ratings and viewership because of compromising behaviors that did not align with their fan base. 

So the question remains, should John's checkered history determine the fate of his beloved character Blippi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!